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How To Work With Our Veterinary Urgent Care

If your pet is experiencing a medical crisis, please call our clinic first so we can plan a course of action. On the phone, a staff member will ask about any symptoms present before giving instructions on when to bring in your pet. Cases will be prioritized based on their level of urgency. Because some medical emergencies are more time sensitive than others, we might prioritize another case in critical condition before an urgent case.

A corgie being held in a field

Life-threatening cases, like an active seizure, will be directed to come in immediately. We will book an appointment later in the day for less urgent cases. Our team will discuss these details with you on the initial phone call to ease some of the anxiety of the process.

You may be asked to wait in your car until your appointment slot or our team is ready to receive your pet. Please call us again when you arrive to check in with our team.

Wait Times

As stated before, we triage emergency cases based on the level of urgency. Some wait times might be longer just based on the amount of medical emergencies seen in a day. We want to give every case our full attention, so we thank you for your patience ahead of time!

When You Are Seen

A Licensed Veterinary Technician (LVT) will triage your pet in an exam room. Because we don’t need to rely on outside diagnostics, we’re able to test your pet for a variety of conditions on-site and patient-side. This allows us to get results quickly and identify what is going on with your pet.

From there, your veterinarian will work up a treatment plan designed to get you and your pet home safely, along with recovery strategies specifically created for them.

Follow Up

We will discharge you and your pet with a typed summary of your visit and a recommended timeframe for a follow-up visit with your primary veterinarian. We will forward their records to your regular veterinarian's office and work with them to coordinate any needed follow-up care and treatment plan that is needed.

Please call us during open hours if you believe your pet is in need of urgent veterinary care.